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Don't travel abroad without these must have travel accessories!

Don't travel abroad without these travel must haves:

*this post may contain affiliate links, which allow me to receive a small commision at no cost to you via the amazon associates program*

With Summer coming, many of us are planning a vacation to bust up the monotony from the rest of the year. The most difficult part of planning a trip for me is packing. Packing for a trip abroad, or even for a long haul flight is one of my most dreaded activities, actually. 

When Vacation is coming up, I'll often wait until the last minute to start packing, pondering on what to pack when going on my vacation, which ultimately leads to me doing something stupid such as forgetting an entire load of brand new laundry on my last trip to Paris from America, which I'll now have to have sent to me. Fact is, unplanned travel emergencies such as this can happen to anyone. I've had my luggage lost abroad, I've had my shoes stolen, and literally all kinds of things happen.

As I am preparing for my summer vacation to Spain with my husband, I'm learning to organize my trips a little better, and have started packing for our Ramadan vacation about a month in advance.

It can be particularly intimidating if this is your first time travelling abroad, or your first out of the country vacation. In order to make the packing endeavor less stressful for my readers, I've compiled a list of the most essential travel accessories that will not only make your trip easier, but more enjoyable. While these things aren't mandatory, they will undoubtedly make your trip a lot easier, and make planning your trip super easy! 

TSA Friendly Luggage : This Rose Gold Luggage set is not only cost effective, but it's made of lightweight aluminum which helps when you pack a ton of stuff!

I absolutely love having the built in  TSA friendly locks! You'll not only look fab with this, you'll keep people out of your belongings secure while being security friendly, making this one of the best luggage choices available.

The wheels are also super sturdy for suitcase wheels, so you don't have to worry about any airport luggage horror stories happening while on the way to your vacation destination.

Ebags packing cubes

I love utilizing packing cubes in both my luggage and my husband's, as they help me to easily identify what is what. We're both extremely heavy packers, and rather than dumping the entire contents of our suitcases out looking for one thing, these help to keep us organized when travelling abroad! They even have packing cubes for your toiletries and unmentionables, and I love that these don't slip around inside of your luggage! 

The Hynes Eagle Travel Backpack is one of our personal favorites, because it's lightweight, and you can literally load up enough for a short trip when organizing everything into the included packing cubes. These come in gorgeous color selections (I have the Red Violet, and love it!) and are one of the most durable backpacks.

With this travel backpack having so many awesome features, it's not only loved by avid explorers, backpackers, nomads, and travel fanatics, but also one of the best travel backpacks out there.

With adjustable compression straps that make the height of the bag customized specifically for you, Roomy Compartments, Padded laptop sleeves, and reinforcement straps, this bag is not only comfortable, but for those who travel serious.

Cute Aluminum luggage tags:

While this seems like something optional, after losing my luggage for nearly a week in Fes, Morocco (Thanks, Royal Air Maroc) These are now an essential that I use for every bag, on every trip.

Aluminum is a great choice, because they're extra durable and hold up well for all of the wear and tear done during luggage handling where they can be absolutely brutal on your bags.

I like these ones in particular not only because they are made of aluminum and have the sweetest little airplane embossed into them, the bright colors also help me to identify my luggage quickly, and the screw and tie connector keeps my luggage tags from being ripped off too easily. If you're thinking about skipping luggage tags, I don't suggest it, it's better to be safe than sorry, and they help a ton, especially when you're travelling far.
The Mophie XXL powerstation is 20,000MAH
 and keeps you powered on even the
longest of trips!

A reliable external battery: 

While in my novice days, I did a lot of travelling with like 5-6 small external batteries, after being stuck on a 16 hour JFK layover with a bunch of dead batteries and no access to an outlet, I now travel with two Mophie XXL powerstations. These are 20,000MAH and heavy duty, making them a reliable external battery choice for long trips. I'm a huge fan of the slim design, as you can slip them in your travel backpack easily, or even your pocket!

Universal Travel Adaptor: 

There's literally nothing worse than getting to your destination country and realizing they use different electrical plugs than you do at home.

These are a lifesaver when using your laptop abroad, charging your phone, blowdrying your hair, really for everything. I like this version, because it supports multiple electrical outlets, is easy to carry, and covers electrical outlets for 150 countries.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

These are a lifesaver on long haul flights, and help you to concentrate on work while flying if you're living the digital nomad life, or even get some well needed rest on the way to your destination. I can't count how many times these have been a lifesaver when dealing with a less than desireable flight buddy on a long haul flight.

I love these because they have a built in microphone, and bluetooth!

Lifestraw Water Bottle 

It's never a wise idea to drink the tap water in a country other than the one you normally reside in. Infact, I've probably never been sicker in my life than when I first drank the tap water in Morocco. 

Now that I know about lifestraw and use their water bottles religiously, I'd be a fool to go to another country without them. You can pick up all kinds of icky little things due to germs your body might not be familiar with, and the lifestraw removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria, and 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites without chemicals, iodine or batteries. This is an absolute must have, even if you skip on everything else.

Travel Clothesline -

While I wish that washing and drying facilities were available everywhere that I've travelled abroad, it unfortunately just isn't the case.

A travel clothesline is an amazing thing to have when you're staying in a hostel, remote destination, or in a country like Morocco where dryers are pretty much unheard of.

Inflatable travel pillow:

These are a given, as it can be terrifyingly difficult to sleep on long haul flights. I love these because they save space in my carry on, they inflate with a button, and the velour feels so decadent!

I never ever travel without an inflatable neck pillow now, because there's nothing worse than having to endure a long layover with a crick in your neck.

Phone Charging Passport Holder

Okay, so I've just ordered one of these and it will 
admittedly be my first time travelling with it, but how cool is this? There's a 4000MAH power bank built in to it. It seriously cuts down on the random cords on your bag, and is super efficient! This passport holder is RFID blocking, meaning it's also secure. I love that there's a zipper, and the fact that you can keep both your phone and your passport in the same place. 

Squeeze Pod Single-Use Premium Toiletries

These are absolutely genius for short trips, and are relatively inexpensive on Amazon. In the $10 Girls Weekend pack, you receive 18 Single Use Pods - (2) Shampoo (2) Conditioner (2) Body Wash (3) Face Wash (3) Shave Cream (3) Moisturizing Lotion (3) Toilet Odor Eliminator. All Squeeze Pod travel toiletries are TSA compliant, PETA Certified, Cruelty Free, Gluten Free, and Vegan. 

Secret valuable stash box

While I realize most people would carry a money belt for trips abroad, these aren't for everyone. I prefer to stash my important goods in an incognito stash container such as these, because really, someone is less likely to hold you up for a pack of kleenex. I think these are the best way to store important valuables without looking silly.

Stay tuned for more travel tips as I near closer to my next destination. In the meantime, if you're packing for your vacation, you can check out my post on what to pack in your carry on, which can be the item we most often neglect when travelling.

Did I leave something off of my list? If so, post it in the comments below!


  1. Headphones and the battery are the top 2 for me.

  2. I love the travel backpack that includes the cubes so its not another added must have!

  3. These are all great tips on items to bring abroad. I have been dreaming of going to Honduras for a long time.

  4. I always felt silly with a money belt too! The stash boxes are such a GREAT idea!

  5. I wouldn't have thought of taking along a travel clothesline. I could see how that's a really good idea! Thanks for sharing all these.


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