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On living in Morocco

How I moved to Essaouira, Morocco as a US expat:

   On 2016 Election day, I made the journey to Morocco. I sat in JFK, watching in horror as Donald Trump was being elected, eating buffalo macaroni and cheese and wondering what awaited me over 7,000 miles away. The last two years have been full of adventure, many visa runs in the process of obtaining residency, multiple moves, travels to surrounding country, culture shock, extreme excitement, and a lot of work. I'm thankful to say this was the best decision of my life, and my move to Morocco was extremely successful.

As we know, all good things don't come easy. I spent my first six months in Morocco living in a remote village outside of Meknes at near poverty level, and it's been an incredibly humbling experience. During this six months, I re-started my career over and became a digital nomad, and it took about 3 months to really get established. I then moved to Northern Morocco to beautiful Essaouira. I work full time from my home, am active in the expat community, and love the freedom that accompanies being a digital nomad. Working for various companies abroad allows me the financial freedom to live a stable and sometimes luxurious expat life, and I love the freedom of being able to work from the beach, on the road, or in my pajamas.

In my two years in Moroccol I've managed to get married in Morocco, rent an apartment in Morocco, get Moroccan residency, move to Essaouira, work remote from my computer as a digital nomad, adopt multiple rescue cats, meet people from all over the world, and gain incredible friends and life experiences. If you're thinking of moving to Morocco, please follow me so I can share my resources!

I plan on documenting my journey in Love, Gawria and I hope you enjoy it! Welcome, and thanks for visiting.


  1. Morocco looks like such a magical place. I want to see the cats roam the streets there

    1. Thanks for your comment, Calvin! Morocco most certainly is a magical place, and the cats are incredible! Hope you can visit us someday. :)


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