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Fakeup: Fake Kylie Take me on vacation palette review

We were gifted a Fake Kylie Jenner Take me on Vacation Kyshadow Palette, read how it measures up!

Kylie Cosmetics - Fakeup!

One of the first things that became evident to me about living in Morocco was the extreme difficulty in finding quality cosmetics. Most of the time, I either order from Sephora France, buy my things at Yves Rocher down the street, or ask a trusted fellow Moroccan wife to bring me something back from the USA, however; it's not always that easy. 

Sometimes, you'll want a product that is nearly impossible to obtain via these sites, such as the Kylie Cosmetics Take me on vacation palette from the Kylie Cosmetics.

While I am fully aware of the risks of using counterfeit makeup, I like to live on the wild side, and curiosity will obviously get the best of you when you live in a land full of counterfeit goods. While fake Huda lipsticks and fake Huda eyeshadow palettes seem to be the popular choice here, we're opting for Kylie! 

On to the good stuff. The prevalent amount of fake cosmetics in Morocco has prompted me to do at least one of these posts a week, please comment with any products you'd like to see! 

DISCLAIMER: Fake make-up are not the genuine brands of make-up. They are counterfeit cosmetics, designed to look like top-name brands to trick thousands of shoppers into buying what seems like a great bargain. The contents of these products are an absolute mystery. I do not suggest putting them on your face!

The first thing I noticed was how chalky and gross the matte Kylie shadows are.

More chalky swatches from fake Kylie Cosmetics Vacation Palette

Counterfeit Kylie Jenner Palette

It looks pretty in the actual palette, though!

The take Me On Vacation by Kylie Cosmetics is a limited edition palette, and in the palette you get sixteen powder eyeshadows: First Class (matte pastel lavender), Sea Breeze (matte soft sand), Summer '17 (metallic peachy gold), Coconut (matte warm taupe), Pina Colada (matte true yellow), Paradise (metallic copper gold), Starfish (matte soft papaya), On The Rocks (matte grey lavender), Island Girl (metallic bright teal), Sunset (satin red copper), Sail Away (metallic deep gold), Spray Tan (matte midtown brown), Aloha (matte pastel peach), Luxury (metallic ruby bronze), Palm Tree (matte deep brown), and Surf Board (metallic sea green). You also get a double ended blending brush. 

For a fake, it's typical counterfeit quality for Kylie. There's a strong talc smell, and the shimmer shades are pigmented, though require a lot of blending.

The shadows are okay in that they are pretty & complementary. This palette can be used for a variety of complete eye looks going from a nude look, to conservative office looks, all the way to night/party time, and I have liked the majority of looks I've done to date. There isn't too much fallout compared to the first few fake palettes from the brand [the mattes are the problem children] I haven't used a primer to see how well the shadows hold up, and whilst the colours do fade, there hasn't been much creasing with 9+ hours of wear.

However I do have a issue with the pigmentation; the deeper shades [Spray Tan, Palm Tree, Luxury & Sunset] don't apply as dark and/or as vibrant as they appear in the pan - like with the other Kylie (and faux Kylie) palettes I own, the shimmer shades are the worst for this. The shade Pina Colada is the only shadow in the palette that I outright dislike, as it is dry and crumbly - I've only used the shade once and there is a considerable dip in the pan, as it is so powdery that it just flakes into pieces. Also; the shade names aren't printed on the palette. This niggle doesn't effect the actual products in any way so I don't mean to make a big deal about it, but it's something that winds me up because I like to know exactly what I'm wearing. 

Would I buy the real deal? As an avid eyeshadow palette collector, definitely not. The fake is sufficient for me, as I don't use many mattes anyway. I'm going to advise giving the palette a miss, as the price you see on screen is already too much for the product quality, and then there is shipping, and tax & customs to be added = we're going past the 'medium to low-high' palette price point, which is a level of quality that this palette just not does not have.

Have you ever tried fake make up? If so, was it worth it? 

*This post contains affiliate links, though all opinions are my own.


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