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Broke girls guide to travel: The amazing things you can buy for under a dollar in Morocco

Morocco is the greatest place for inexpensive travel!

It's no secret that in Morocco, life is substantially inexpensive. The fact that living in Morocco is cheaper makes it a popular travel choice for budget travellers seeking an exotic and inexpensive travel destination.
While the national income is substantially lower than what we are used to living off of in the west, having a remote job for an American company allows me to have the freedom to live in Morocco full time in circumstances much better than the ones I'd live in America for on a similar wage. On my first trip to Morocco, I was bewildered at how cheap everything was. With a little planning, you can actually feed yourself an amazing meal for a few dollars, stay in a great riad for near nothing, enjoy affordable Morocco tours, and enjoy a whole day of travel on very little money. In this post, I'm going to teach you 50 things you can buy for under a dollar in Morocco, as well as helping you learn a little survival…

Spring Fever has arrived, Win a prize package from Cuddle Clones, GoWise, and Miriams Earthen Cookware!

Hi guys, please join us for Spring Fever! Spring is almost here and what a better way to celebrate than with a giveaway! Andersons Angels, The More The Merrier, This Mamas Life and Woven by Words have teamed up to bring you a wonderful Spring Prize Package from GoWise, Miriam's Earthen Cookware, and Cuddle Clones with a ARV: $367.95! I don't know about you, but I would love to win this wonderful prize package.

 Disclaimer: Hosts & participating event bloggers of the Spring Fever Giveaway Event are not responsible for sponsors that do not fulfill prize obligations!

Cinema Maroc: Five unforgettable Moroccan films about life in Morocco that you can't miss!

Five controversial Moroccan Films you must see
Are you curious about Moroccan culture, or wanting a better understanding of how Moroccan society works? Perhaps you're interested in the dark underbelly of Morocco, the things people don't speak of.

In this post, I'll highlight not only some of the most controversial Moroccan films, but the most beautiful ones that are simply unforgettable. 

The following films document life in Morocco without the sugar coating, showing you social issues in Morocco that often go undiscussed. 

While I love Morocco with every particle of my being, I feel it tremendously important to educate my readers on Morocco in it's entirety, rather than painting a candy coated picture all of the time. 
When I first moved to Morocco, we were living in the tiny village of Sebaa Aioun, and there wasn't a lot to do. During this time, I watched literally everything I could on Morocco. 

While there are a literal ton of low budget films, I wanted to share a lis…

Scents of Morocco: Yves Rocher Comme Une Evidence Review and Giveway

Scents of Morocco: Yves Rocher Comme Une Evidence Review and Giveaway
Scents of Morocco:

Yves Rocher Comme Une Evidence Review and GiveawayWin a 1.7oz bottle of Yves Rocher Comme Un Evidence, and a $25 Amazon giftcard!

Hi guys! Welcome to my review of Yves Rocher Comme Une Evidence. Recently, I blogged about a special they were having with buy 1 get 1 free perfumes for Valentines Day. I was lucky enough to receive both this and Secrets d'essences Tendre Jasmin (Read my review here) from my awesome husband on Valentines. Since I enjoy it so much, I've decided to give away a bottle to my readers, along with a $25 amazon gift code!

While Yves Rocher is a French company, you can find them in just about every major Moroccan City. We have one just down the street from us in Essaouira, and I prefer to buy the majority of my cosmetics here because it can sometimes be difficult to buy the real versions of products here. They're always running awesome specials, and when I'm not ord…

How to pack the perfect carry on for long haul flights

Ultimate guide to packing a carry on

How to pack the perfect carry on for long haul flights!
Welcome to my ultimate carry on luggage guide! It's the ultimate guide to packing a useful carry-on to make sure you're comfortable and prepared for long haul flights. 
When I first started travelling to Morocco, I was taking 19 hour flights to Paris then Casablanca from New York, and literally packing as much as possible into my carry on, but nothing that I actually needed for the trip. About halfway through the duration of my flight, I'd find myself miserable and wishing for luxuries that I didn't think to pack. So, I've prepared the ultimate guide to packing a carry on to ensure my readers aren't in the same scenario. Follow the tips here, and you'll enjoy your flight a whole lot more!
When you are on an extended holiday in Morocco, or living in Morocco, or really anywhere else for that matter, you'll want to maximize not only the amount of things you fit into y…